The Origin Story

Jetstar Airlines ranked Kokolato as one of the five top places to eat in Bali, Indonesia.
BBC Capital highlighted and supported the creation of Kokolato.

Video Credits: Sea Dragon Studio, Kismet, The Mansion, DJ Von Kiss, Video/Model: Sasha Golyanova, Video/Model: Luca Piazzi, Video/Feathers: Nadezhda Elf, Video: Zachary Human, Make Up/Model: Hanka Haga, 


Red Velvet is a velvety smooth seduction of antioxidants with benefits too numerous to mention. The ingredients are raw beetroot and raw cacao with a hint of white wine vinegar to bring out that "cream cheese" effect found in the typical paired dairy frosting. 

Embark on an exotic voyage with Jamu, a flavor based on an elixir whose popularity was born on the ring of fire.  This superfood flavor fights cancer among other amazing health benefits. The special ingredients include turmeric, ginger, and lime.


 Experience your deepest and darkest most sensual dessert desires as you escape into an alternate reality with my personal favorite, Raw Cacao. Close your eyes and taste why Cacao was so highly revered by the Mayans that they used it as a currency.  

Cold Pressed Coffee will help you rise and shine into your peak performance while fulfilling your java needs. Indulge in this quick pick-me-up masterpiece. The benefits of cold pressing coffee makes this your #1 choice for all your caffeine needs.

This aphrodisiac's enticing aroma arouses the senses and calms the nerves. Smokey Vanilla grows in the volcanic soil of Bali, giving it a distinct smoky flavor.

The most nutrient-rich plant known to science dances with a blast of minty freshness to soothe the stomach and soul. Moringa Mint is one of our best sellers and is wildly beneficial to your body and soul.


Aloe Vera used in making gelato & ice cream


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We love you. Really... We really love you!!! The best part about having a brand of vegan ice cream is the interaction we have with our customers. We value your opinion and thank you so much for enjoying our gourmet vegan designer gelato.