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Our Blueprint For Web3

Kokolato's Web3 Ecosystem is responsible for developing, funding, and partnering with international businesses pioneering health-conscious regenerative business practices.  Kokolato's products, services, and experiences are tailored to the needs of a community seeking high-quality goods, low-impact services, and products that hold a massive entertainment value. In the following sections we will make clear the distinctions between the different areas of KOKOLATO.



A set of Unique Virtual Items that grant access to a variable amount of Membership rewards and benefits.


A smart contract program running on decentralized technology has no owner and cannot be owned. This program is designed to manage the effective development of hospitality businesses across the world in such a way that produces additional measurable resources over time in full compliance with all necessary laws, codes, and regulations. 



One of the Kokolato Protocol’s exclusive functions; is a system through which an international community of mostly anonymous users may choose to optimize the Kokolato Protocol through the proper application of professional expertise and collective intelligence. 

CHEF Token

CHEF tokens can be used as a form of payment for products and services made available through the KOKOLATO marketplace. CHEF tokens will also be used as a reward system within the platform to incentivize and recognize users for their contribution to the community.


Web3 Corporations

Corporations sign a contractual agreement and are legally bound to a set of rules and regulations that ensure their organization maintains compliance with Kokolato’s ethical, business, brand, and customer service standards as decided by the Kokolato Protocol. 

The first partner to sign a contractual agreement with the Kokolato Protocol is the Kokolato World Group Corporation (KWG). The first series of NFTs minted on the Kokolato Web3 Ecosystem will effectively raise capital to support KWGs vision for a Shophouse. The Shophouse holds space for 4 primary functions as outlined by KWG in the documents supporting the images below. 

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