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We're in the process of building an eco-system that provides a stack of benefits to our token holders, giving them discounts on products and services, as well as the potential to receive tokens in exchange for community rewards.


300,000,000 Maximum Supply.


10M sold for $0.0035 during the initial sale. ($35K)

20M sold for $0.005 during the pre-sale ($100K)

150M sold for $0.01 via an on-site smart contract ($1.5M)


30M reserved for adding permanent liquidity.

50M held for the Kokolato Reserve Protocol

60M for team and partnerships.


Funds from the on-site smart contract token sale are utilized accordingly

20% is automatically paired with CHEF tokens reserved for adding liquidity.

10% is placed into the Kokolato Reserve Protocol.

The remaining funds are used to develop Kokolato's business infrastructure.



Liquidity is stored in a Balancer LP with 50% CHEF, 25% MAI, 10% ETH, 10% BTC, 10% Matic. Stored on Matic Chain.



Users can exchange their CHEF tokens for NFTs.

5% of CHEF used to mint is burned.

30-50% of CHEF is transferred to the Kokolato Reserve Protocol.

45-65% of CHEF is sold and used to fund Kokolato operations.

[Variable range determined by the economic health of CHEF token as established by the Kokolato Reserve Protocol]


Under Construction

We're currently doing due diligence to see if we can create a mechanism where 50% of the net profits from Kokolato could be used to buy CHEF. Those CHEF tokens would then be transferred to the NFT holders. The remaining 50% of profits would be used to expand Kokolato operations and increase returns for NFT holders over time.


The Kokolato Reserve Protocol is a trading bot that trades the CHEF Balancer LP with the intention of producing additional revenue while balancing the value of CHEF within a 0.3-30% spread of the target price. Drastically reducing drawdown for our customers.


CHEF token has an automated 1/101 transfer fee for amounts under 1,000,000 units. Transfer fee changes to 1/303 for amounts over 1,000,000 units.

50% of the fee is burned, and the other 50% is sent to the Kokolato Gnosis Multi-Sig. 

Get in Touch

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