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Jonathan Keim is an award winning artist and internationally acclaimed entrepreneur. His photography won Best in Show at the Southern Oregon Fine Art Competition. His poetry won the International Poetry Slam Competition in Townsville, Australia. His entrepreneurial spirit, successful development of a brand, and creative direction were highlighted and published by BBC capital, Jetstar Airlines Magazine, and a plethora of other media sources. His mission is to integrate his background in personal development with his artistic gifts to create the next level of service in food and entertainment. He is here to create bliss.

Story of Creation

In September 2012 Jonathan Keim was meditating on the edge of a cliff overlooking the beautiful ocean in Santa Barbara, California. During this meditation, he opened his eyes and saw dolphins swimming in the sea in front of him. Instead of being filled with joy at the sight of these beautiful creatures, he felt jealousy. In observation of this feeling, he realized a powerful truth. Unlike the dolphins, he did not feel free. 


An hour later, Jonathan put in his thirty-day notice with Robbins-Madanes Training and bought a one-way ticket to Asia. With only a few thousand dollars in his savings account, he was determined to find his passion and live his dream. His journey led him to the island of the gods, otherwise known as Bali, Indonesia. In Bali he met a talented chef and extraordinary entrepreneur named Alex Malinsky. They threw a party together and served a little vegan dessert they invented in their kitchen. Their friends were flabbergasted! No one had ever tasted a vegan frozen dessert with such an extraordinary texture and flavor profile. After his first time ever making frozen dessert, Jonathan’s friends invested in his new creation and Kokolato was born. 

BBC Capital

On November 3, 2014 BBC Capital published an article titled "A Permanent Vacation." The article highlighted Jonathan Keim's bold and inspiring adventure as well as the development of Kokolato, Bali's first brand of vegan frozen dessert. This article was selected by as "pick of the week" and received millions of views. Follow this LINK for access to the full article. 

BBC Article Home Page
Portrait shot of Founder Jonathan Keim on BBC Capital
Pick of the Week
The article featuring Kokolato & Jonathan Keim was selected as BBC "Pick of the Week" and advertised on as one of it's feature articles.
Pick of the Week
The article featuring Kokolato & Jonathan Keim was selected as BBC "Pick of the Week" and advertised on as one of it's feature articles.
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Jetstar Airlines Magazine

In March 2017 Kokolato was selected by Jetstar Airlines Magazine as one of five top gastronomic attractions in Bali, Indonesia. Jetstar states, "If you only have one hour in Bali, you have to go to Kokolato!"

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Brand Image
This photo was taken by Jonathan Keim.
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