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Ice Cream vs Gelato vs Kokolato

Ice cream, gelato, and Kokolato are all frozen desserts, however, they each have unique characteristics that make them distinct.

Ingredients: Ice cream is traditionally created with cream, milk, refined sugar, and eggs. Gelato is created with milk, refined sugar, and other flavorings. Gelato frequently lacks eggs. Kokolato is all plant-based, uses the highest quality ingredients on the market, and never uses refined sugars.

Fat Content: Ice cream normally has more fat than gelato. This is due to the fact that ice cream contains more cream. Because it includes less cream, gelato has a reduced fat level. Kokolato is made with plant-based milk containing healthier sources of fat than its dairy alternatives, such as the MCTs found in Coconut Cream.

Air content: Ice cream is churned more quickly than gelato. More air is incorporated into the ice cream, making it lighter and fluffier. Gelato is churned at a slower rate, which includes less air and results in a denser and creamier product. Kokolato uses unique churning speeds depending on the flavor being produced but tends to be closer to the consistency of gelato.

Texture: Ice cream is lighter, smoother, fluffier, and creamier in texture than gelato. Because it contains less air, gelato is richer, denser, and often described as more elastic. Kokolato has a unique texture, living somewhere between both worlds.

Serving temperature: Ice cream is generally served colder than gelato. This is due to the fact that the air in ice cream helps to keep it cold. Gelato is served at a slightly warmer temperature, allowing the flavors to shine more. Since coconut freezes faster than dairy, Kokolato is often served at a warmer temperature.

Although each dessert offers something unique, Kokolato is the best option for your health because it doesn't use any animal products or refined sugars. Kokolato is also best for the environment because it requires trees to be planted to be produced, as opposed to the dairy industry which has become one of the biggest causes of deforestation.

If you haven't had Kokolato, join us in an online class, or come find us in Bali and try it today!

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