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5 Benefits of a Raw Vegan Diet

Updated: Feb 7

A raw vegan diet focuses on eating raw foods and excludes dairy, eggs, meat, fish, or other animal derivatives. All without heating it above 40-49°C . The components include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouts to get all the nutrients that raw food naturally contains. It’s no surprise that such a nutritionally centered diet comes with many health benefits. By excluding processed foods and high sugar content, the raw food diet encourages more conscious eating and has the potential to gradually improve quality of life.

Here are the top 5 Benefits of a Raw Vegan Diet:

1. Excluding Processed Food

One major benefit to a raw vegan diet is how the focus on fruits and vegetables enables you to get rid of unhealthy sugars and highly processed foods. Even the “healthy sweeteners'' such as agave, processed maple syrup, or honey (which is not vegan) that many rave about are toxic. Regular consumption of it in teas, food, or coffee increases inflammation, spikes in blood sugar, and acidity in the body. Processed food causes hormonal imbalance in women and the increased inflammation added on top of that can lead to painful menstrual cycles. A raw vegan diet decreases these risks and can stabilize hormones for women due to exclusion of processed food and excess of sugar.

2. Aiding in Weight Loss

A study done on satiety and how meat versus plant based meals impact it proves the positive effect that a vegan diet can have. The study suggests that the high fiber content in raw vegan food might be a factor that contributes to increased satiety. The study also proves that a plant based meal with tofu is more healthy for gut hormones and increases in energy compared to a meat and cheese meal. Based on the individual, this may aid in healthy weight loss because it prioritizes conscious and balanced eating.

3. Improving Digestion

Another effect of a raw vegan diet is improvement in digestion. Eating organic and non-processed foods that are filled with nutrients is the best way to improve digestion because this combined with a high fiber diet makes it easier for the body to process and digest food.

4. Encouraging Conscious Eating

When so much convenience is placed on food, eating becomes something to rush. Fast food, fast dining, eating while watching the latest show. So when something takes effort, it’s easy to view it as a burden and procrastinate. However, our bodies and health should be placed first. A raw vegan diet may not change that rushed feeling, but it does decrease the risks associated with rushed eating because the diet contains less harmful additives that promote that response. For example, high sugar, processed carbohydrates, and artificial flavors cause spikes in blood sugar and the dopamine from it creates addictive binging. Whole foods don’t create the same reaction because it naturally has no addictive properties.

5. Improving Heart Health

Studies indicate that due to the focus on fruits and vegetables on a raw vegan diet, there is an increased association of heart health. The reduction of heart risks and stroke is due to the rich content of vitamin C and beta-carotene in fruits and vegetables, which function as antioxidants. Vitamin C rich foods include red peppers, strawberries, organices, and kiwis. Examples of beta-carotene foods are carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and squash.


A raw vegan diet can help you become more conscious about your food choices. You can start incorporating more raw foods into your diet today to begin receiving the incredible health benefits associated with having more raw foods in your diet. Speak to a nutritionist to create a plan on the best way to implement a raw vegan diet.

Article Written By: Shahristan Alhamy

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