Chocolate Covered Fruits


Fall famously in love with your fruitful creations while you learn how to manipulate the chemistry of Raw Cacao. Learn how your body and Raw Cacao react in unique and exotic ways according to the use of different fruits and spices. There's a science to this! Get ready to learn some tricks.


*Included in the 2 hour class. 

Bali Bliss Balls

Capture the magic of Bali by kneading your favorite ingredients together into a compact ball of LOVE and BLISS. These are not limited to being coconut flavored! You will have an opportunity to play with different kinds of seeds, nuts, and natural organic flavors. 


*Included in the 2 hour class. 


Gourmet Chocolates

Prepare to dazzle your senses with an ability to choose from an assortment of super premium organic Medicine Flower flavor extracts combined with fresh raw ingredients to create an alluring and ever so enticing truffle. Learn how to layer flavors and seduce palates. 


*Included in the 2 hour class. 



Raw Cacao is one of the worlds most powerful super foods. It's packed full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients get lost during the roasting process, so we're not going to let that happen!  We're going to teach you how to make chocolate in it's raw form. This 2 hour class will cover everything listed below. We will prepare you to make several kinds of chocolate as well as chocolate based snacks that will be sure to impress your lover, potential lover, family, and friends. You will learn fun and interesting facts about all the ingredients we use as well as the process of making chocolate.